Inspired by ancient healing systems our modern take on the bed of nails offers you multiple health benefits, using the comfort of your own home you can practise deep intense massage to release muscle-tension. Using your acupressure mat even just once a week can improve quality of sleep as well as ease headaches and migraines, making you feel better mentally and physically. To use your acupressure mat, lay down and relax your body - feel the thousands of pressure points relieving pain, tension and knots in your back, this unbeatable feeling can become part of your daily routine of self-care.

A common cause of back pain is inflammation of the muscle fibers, from overuse or straining your muscles. With regular acupressure mat use, inflammation will reduce helping to alleviate chronic back pain. Not to forget acupressure also stimulates blood circulation, saturating cells with oxygen and much needed nutrients to rejuvenate your muscles, as well as the release of endorphins - the body’s natural and effective happy hormone. Your acupressure mat can also be used to relieve stress and help you sleep better, even after one session you will feel more mentally relaxed and any body tension preventing you from drifting off at night will be elivitated. Using acupressure as a sleep aid can give you a less interrupted, better quality of sleep.

The acupressure mat spikes won’t hurt because of the clever design and arrangement of the spikes. Help rid your body of toxins and de-stress with a 5, 10 or 20 minute acupression session, because of the relaxing state it puts you in your Yogi Bare acupressure mat can also be used as part of a meditation routine.