A yoga wheel will help build your core strength and flexibility all over your body. It’s also a really good yoga prop that allows you to move deeper into heart opening poses. If you want to take your yoga to the next level, a yoga wheel is ideal in assisting yogis in exploring more advanced postures, helping you build confidence in backbends and inversions. Regular use of a yoga wheel can improve posture and your spine as it can be used as a restorative massage tool. Yoga wheels can come in different sizes and can help you master a deeper positioning in your yoga poses.

At Yogi Bare we’ve got a range of super supportive, safe and sturdy yoga wheels in a range of fun patterns and a traditional black colour too. Choose your prop and get comfortably into position for a pre yoga session stretch and warm up, or as a cool down if you’re a yogi with an injury. You can also use a yoga wheel to help you hold yoga poses as well as stretching your back, shoulders and arms.